38th Anniversary

A Message from the Board of Directors

It has been an eventful 38th Year for APRO, as we look forward to hosting our next Awards Ceremony in-person, after a 3-year hiatus.

The much-expected slowdown in the global economy has indeed come to pass, and APRO’s business has not been spared. With clients becoming more cost conscious and with PWM salaries rising fast, APRO is increasingly having to strike a fine balance between paying higher salaries and keeping our fees competitive. Nevertheless, we remain committed to our people-first approach to the business.

Congratulations to all our award recipients. The long service and star performer awards epitomize the reliability and high-quality services that APRO has come to be known for. We acknowledge and celebrate all who have contributed to positive customer experiences in one way or another.

A big THANK YOU, from the APRO Board of Directors.

APRO Annual Awards 2023

Long Service Awards

30 Years


Tan Meng Seng

Security Officer

25 Years


Narendran S/O M Kalimuthu

Senior Security Officer


Murtuza S/O Idris Bhai

Senior Security Supervisor

Star Performers