Security Technology


APRO provides the solution to identify and expose any intruder attempting along perimeter fencing and into the building. The Intrusion Detection System is suitable for industrial facilities, state protected areas, military, prison, schools and more.

At a glance:

  • Our FIDS Locates intrusions to within 10 feet (3 meters) of a breach.
  • Able to recognize and ignore ground vibrations from rail and vehicle traffic, fence movement due to wind and windblown rain.
  • All power, data, auxiliary sensors, alarms, data communications and detections are accomplished over a single micropoint cable which significantly reduces cost and time required for installation
  • Remote Monitoring, system programming, diagnostics, service, support, and troubleshooting are available over standard dial-up modems.
  • Free Format Zoning allows installers to set up, establish or change specific zones in software at any time .
  • One processor Module protects up to 1310 feet (400 meters) of perimeter.
  • Windows® based PC installation.
  • MicroPoint Cable is used by a wide range of organizations such as Commercial Industries, Prisons and Jails, and Government Agencies