Security Technology


Keys give access to the organization’s valuable assets. They need to be given the same level of security as the assets themselves.

APRO provides Intelligent Key Management Systems solutions allowing organizations to control, monitor and record the movement of keys electronically. This in turn facilitates the efficient deployment of their assets. Users are now accountable for lost and missing keys.

A good intelligent Key Management System ensures that only authorized employees are allowed access to the key cabinet and their designated keys with software that allows users to monitor, control, record key usage and generate relevant management reports.

At a glance:

  • Different cabinet sizes which can accommodate between 10-360 keys
  • Multiple cabinets can be linked together to handle larger numbers of keys and locations
  • Keys can be managed centrally or locally
  • Multilingual platform
  • Control access times
  • Curfew applied to keys
  • Random Return option that allows return of keys to a different location
  • SMS and email update capabilities
  • Software uses an SQL database to provide a comprehensive range of management information reports using
  • Crystal Reports
  • Used by a wide range of organizations including Government Agencies, Prisons, Police Forces, Schools,
  • Hospitals, Libraries etc.