Guarding Services

“APRO has been a major player in the private security industry since 1985. We have consistently provided reliable security solutions and services so that our customers can focus on their core business.”

In our experience, the primary issues faced by the industry have not changed much. The problems that many service buyers experience often come down to the shortage and high turnover of well-trained security personnel; unresponsive and unreliable client management which is often compounded by the poor management supervision of deployment sites.

To address these common pain points, APRO has invested in 3 primary areas over the years, enabling us to deliver the best quality guarding services in Singapore. Many returned customers is a solid testament of that.

GUARDS – the average employment tenure of our 800 strong full time guard force is 5 years.

OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT – the average employment tenure of our team is more than 10 years, with more than 50% of managers promoted internally from the field.

TECHNOLOGY – realtime web-based supervision facilitates on-site situational awareness ensuring responsiveness to contingencies through our 24/7 Operations Centre.

Our Market Segments

Oil and Gas and Petro-Chemical
Commercial Buildings
Commercial Buildings
Data Centres
Educational Institutions
Diplomatic Missions
Financial Institutions
Government and Statutory Boards
Electronics and General Manufacturing
National Critical Infrastructure
Research and Development
Warehousing and Logistics

So what differentiates us?

  • Excellent People Retention
  • Stable Operations Team
  • Web-based Real-time Supervision
  • Prompt and Accurate Payroll
  • Life Video-Stream from Sites

Here’s what our Minister said

“I am also happy to learn of the effort made by some of own security agencies. For example, APRO, a security agency which provides customized security solutions, has been incentivizing their staff to attend WSQ training. Officers who complete the full WSQ qualifications will get $500.00.

APRO has also introduced a competitive compensation and benefits package for its staff. These initiatives have helped staff retention for the agency because the staff feel encouraged and appreciated at work.

It, therefore, comes as no surprise that APRO has consistently performed well in the annual Security Agency grading exercise conducted by PLRD. The grading scheme assesses security agencies on their operations; training and support for operations; and their employment and HR practices. I hope more security agencies will follow in the footsteps of APRO.”

Minister, Prime Minister’s Office
Second Minister of State for Home Affairs
Second Minister of State for Foreign Affairs