Security Consultancy


Security consultancy is an important first step to designing a comprehensive security plan. Beginning with an appreciation of the facility design characteristics and in consultation with the end-user, APRO will assess the security risks facing a facility / installation. Following the risk assessment – which may incorporate elements of blast effects, measures can then be developed to mitigate the risks which have been identified. In addition, with increasing emphasis on the rising cost of security manpower, we will also be able to advise on the augmentation of security manpower with the latest advances in security technology. In total, these measures will include various elements of Security Manpower, Physical / Electronic Security and Security Policy and Processes. The so-called man-machine- method (3M) model.

Equipped with a comprehensive Security Protection Plan, APRO can then facilitate the implementation of Security Measures, by working with the end-client to conduct a tender & evaluation exercise, through to providing project management oversight during the construction phase.

With our team of experienced security consultants, APRO can develop robust and practical physical security solutions for end-users who are genuinely interested to enhance security outcomes or to improve the productivity of security operations at their own facilities.

Our Consultancy Services:
Security Concept Plan
Security Master Plan

  • PFDD – Preliminary Facility Design Development
  • TVRA – Threat, Vulnerability Risk Assessment
  • BEA – Blast Effect Analysis
  • SRS – Structural Resilience Study
  • SPP – Security Protection Plan

Tender & Evaluation
Security Project Management
Other Customized Security Consultancy Services