Security Technology

APRO Technology is an independent provider of customised security solutions with a focus on using technology to cater to customers’ requirements. Customers face an ever changing business landscape which requires them to act swiftly in order to ahead of the competition and APRO Technology works together with customers to provide a seamless solution form conceptualisation to completion combined with a reliable maintenance programme. This ensures that clients experience minimal disruption to their work and to allow them to focus on their core businesses.
Our security solutions include one or a combination of the following

Video Walls

Direct view LED video wall technology has ability to deliver seamless images, scalability to any size and excellent optimal characteristics that make video wall content look great from any angle.

We would not offer to our customers something we wouldn’t use ourselves. We use a video wall for our own 24-hour Command Centre. Benefit from our experience.

Homeland Security

We offer integrated homeland security solutions. Products include long range surveillance cameras with video transmission capabilities; data collection and analytics; heavy duty front-end processing edge IP based technology with built-in analytics; mobile body-worn cameras; Automated Number Plate Recognition and much more.

Security Management & Access Control

The total security management system incorporates synergistic technologies using open architecture design standards which supports access control, alarm monitoring, digital video, intrusion detection, asset tracking, information security integration, credential production, and employee and visitor management functionalities.

It is able to handle unlimited capacity, catering to meet the needs of any size organisation to a global corporation with numerous facilities and thousands of card readers located around the world.

Furthermore, the system is capable of segmenting your database, allowing individual system operators to manage within their authorised domains.


Ensures accountability by only allowing authorized personnel access to important keys and provides audit trail of all key transactions. Eliminate keys going missing, misplaced or getting into the wrong hands.

Keys no longer need to be labelled – so if they are dropped or lost, there is no immediate identity issue and security risks are minimised.

“It’s quite amazing how quickly keys get returned when users know they are both accountable and traceable.”


Detecting intruders at the perimeter fencing and gate is the first line of defence. Coupled with an effective video surveillance system, it would render any attempt to pilfer equipment and inventory during the silent hours almost impossible.
In 1971, Southwest Microwave introduced the world’s first commercial bistatic microwave sensor. Today, our extensive range of field-proven sensor technologies offer unparalleled protection against unauthorized site access and are internationally recognized for providing precise, immediate detection of perimeter disturbances in security-sensitive applications and harsh exterior environments. 70,000 Southwest Microwave detection systems in 100+ countries now reliably secure broad-ranging facilities – from government and military installations to critical utilities, industrial and corporate campuses, correctional institutions, transportation centers and VIP residences.


APRO provides comprehensive monitoring and response services for your business via our round the clock Alarm Monitoring Centre (AMC) with a hotline to the Police. The AMC is built to DECAM standards and has multiple power back-up systems. It has its own servers and phone line systems The AMC provides round the clock protection and rapid response to all exigencies via our beat patrol units and engineering teams.


In addition to monitoring your premises’ alarm signals, our APRO response officers provide a physical presence at your premises to investigate any irregularity. The police will be notified upon clients’ request. Our response team acts as a keyholder on behalf of our client. Even during silent ours, our clients have the option to utilise our ad-hoc response services as well. With a 24-hour readiness, our APRO response team is your reassurance of security.


Cost of guarding is rising and will continue to rise. One way to mitigate the escalating cost of security is to make use of our Beat Patrol Service where Beat Officers visit your premises randomly 2 times every night It also serves to provide visible deterrence as well as to respond to alarm activations at a fraction of the cost of a normal static security guard. It’s most effective when used in conjunction with an intrusion alarm system which APRO will monitor (at no cost).


APRO also provides remote Virtual Patrolling via live streaming of video to our 24-hour Alarm Monitoring Centre. All footages are recorded, allowing clients to view them at a convenient time by logging into the system on-line.

Call us at 65676388 (APRO Technology) for an appointment where comprehensive services can be explained in detail.