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APRO Training Centre has been training private security personnel in Singapore since 1995. Following the formalization of regulatory training standards under the NSRS and WSQ Frameworks in 2006, APRO has received the necessary approvals to conduct training to the public, from the relevant government authorities. Today, APRO Training Centre is accredited by SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) as a WSQ Approved Training Organisation – Private Education Institution (ATO-PEI), and is the only private operator to Conduct Security WSQ training from Certificate to Diploma levels. Visit us at www.aprotraining.sg for more information and course schedules.

WSQ Security Courses

Certificate in Security Operations

Provide Guard and Patrol Services (Core)
Handle Security Incidents and Services (Core)
Recognise Terrorist Threats (Core)
Assist in the Evacuation of Premises
Conduct Security Screening of Person and Bag
Conduct Security Screening and Search of Vehicles
Manage Disorderly Conduct and Threatening Behaviour
Operate Basic Security Equipment

Diploma in Security Management

Manage Security Operations (Core)
Assess and Manage Security Risks Control Measures (Core)
Manage Security Agency within Legal Framework (Core)
Manage and Resolve Conflict in Security Environment (Core)
Achieve Work Effectiveness in Security Environment (Core)
Manage Performance of Security Personnel
Develop a Manpower Deployment Plan
Conduct Security Survey
Manage Security Emergencies

Advanced Certificate in Security Supervision

Supervise Security Officers (Core)
Assess and Address Security Risks (Core)
Perform Supervisory Duties within Legal Framework (Core)
Induct Security Personnel (Core)
Monitor and Review Security Operations
Perform Monitoring and Reporting Duties at Central Command Centre
Perform Security Command Centre Activities at Client’s Premises
Contribute to the Management of Security Incidents
Conduct Operation Briefing and Debriefing

CPE Registration No. 199404180Z (28 August 2017 to 27 August 2021)
Committee for Private Education (CPE) is part of SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG)

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The ladies at the registration are very patient and helpful.
The ladies at the registration are very patient and helpful “I have been attending WSQ security training at APRO Training Centre and found my learning experience very rewarding. The trainers are great facilitators who are very experienced and knowledgeable. Besides covering the course topics, they are also able to share practical tips for us to apply in our jobs. The course materials were well organised and the delivery by the trainers have been excellent. Needless to say, the facilities are very comfortable and conducive. I highly recommend APRO Training Centre to anyone who wishes to pursue training in WSQ Security modules. Enrolling for courses there is hassle free too. The ladies at the registration are very patient and helpful. They painstakingly explain the training requirements, which they are very familiar with, to all who wish to enrol, regardless of level. APRO makes learning easy and will continue to send my officers there for training,” – Andre Morris